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Smiling Horse

Butterflies and BB Boxes

It is all blessing

Dear Ones,

I've gotten two more of those throw pillows first two cross stitch pieces...the butterflies......  Here they are......

So, the couch with all the new pillows.............looks like this..........
Of course, the Halloween pillows will go into a storage bin during the first week of November, but soon after, the new Christmas pillows will make their debut!  I finished one yesterday and plan to finish the second one tomorrow.  So stay tuned for more pictures!  :o)
I got an email from my son telling me that he had sent out the "BB Box".  If I've not told you about BB Boxes before, do let me share now.  For those of us living in the Philippines, they are as close to Santa coming down a chimney as we're going to get here in the tropics!   Those friends and family members living in another country can send lots of stuff to us, and the cost of sending it is NOT based on weight, but on volume.   So, for instance, about once a year, my son calls a number and someone delivers the size box he as specified.  They cost from $25 for a relatively small box, to just over $100 for somthing about the dimension and height of a card table.   My son pays for the box when it is delivered empty.  He then takes as long as he likes to fill it.  His wife's family is Filipino and lives in Lapu-Lapu.  So Mary Ann spends the year going to the Salvation Army and getting clothes for her parents and siblings; she gets nonperishable food stuff at the supermarket, and any gadgets she sees that she thinks her family may like.  They include gifts for me in these boxes as well, and Mary Ann's brother or sister just calls me when it arrives and I take the boat over to meet them to pick up what Matthew has sent to me.  This year, Matthew asked me for a list of things I would like, and that list included things like rennet tablets so that I could make fresh cheese; shampoo that keeps silver hair from turning yellow;  both raspberry and black licorice "twizzles", as well as black licorice "bridge mix";  boxes of salted codfish so that I can make a couple of recipes from my childhood; canned fava beans; acrylic paints; and a few other things.  The HUGE surprise is that he has sent me a laptop computer!!!  Once they are ready to send that filled box, they call the number again and someone comes to their house to pick it up.  They never have to schlep a thing!   It takes three months for a BB Box to make it around the world because it is sent by freighter, but that method sure saves a bundle and, as I said, weight is not an issue, just volume.  So, with any luck, that box will get here just about Christmas week.  I am psyched!  Already I am in high anticipation of Christmas.   Unfortunately, those BB Boxes aren't available to be sent from the Philippines, only to the Philippines.  But then there's not much available here that can't be bought in the States.

A friend in Maine is consolidating all of her belongings from four houses and three office buildings and will be sending me a BB Box fill of books, DVD's and CD's that she was planning to just donate to some charity.  I have no idea when that box will be sent, probably some time after the winter  holidays, but then I'll be having another Santa's visit!

Live continues to sort of just roll day following another.  Some days I feel like doing a great deal.  Other days?  Oh well.......  But that's life on the slow lane of retirement, which has its advantages, for sure.  When I stop and think about it, there's an awful lot of blessings in my life.

May We All Be Abundantly Blessed,

An Evolving Interspiritual Solitary

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