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Starting To Get Decked Out For All Hallows Eve

It is all blessing

Dear Ones,

I've been busy!   I borrowed a friend's sewing machine yesterday and made up the two throw pillows for Halloween this morning.......



I'm quite happy with them.  Tomorrow I will make up the two butterfly cross stitch throw pillows, and at the end of the week, the Christmas ones.  Then all sx pillows wll be done and I can finish up the Christmas stockings I has mostly made up last year and send them out to my son and his family in plenty of time for Christmas.

Next week I plan to make up the caftan for which I had purchased fabric quite a while back.  I also have a  good deal of muslin left and think I will try my hand at making a pair of comfortable, loose-fitting slacks.

I've also started a second owl painting on canvas.  This one is going to be a bit of a stretch for me......but I'm enjoying the process so far. And, I can always paint over it if I don't like the finished product.  I've done that once before.  My first owl painting is done over an earlier painting I rejected in short order.

We have been getting good internet connection for the past three days.  Perhaps the constant interference from the atmosphere has finished.  I think typhoon season is just about over for the year.  It has been awful not to have good, and sometimes no, internet for about six weeks now.  Ugh!!

Early this month I purchased seven books at the used bookstore.....all novels with mages, wizards and dragons.  One was just over 1,000 pages long.  I have two very thin books left to last me the next two weeks or so, but I have enough other projects going that I think I may be able to stretch those two books out.  For some reason,  I've really gotten into reading a good deal over these past two or three months.  Next month, I plan to get eight books!

As I have continued to ponder over how I am to best spend these last years of my life,  I have come up with three major focus:

First:  I remembered the old Proverb that "To Everything Is A Season".  I certainly have had my "season" of working hard and raising a son as a single parent.  I've worked since I was about sixteen years old, and often had neither the time nor enegy to be involved with those pass-times that I enjoy.  So, now is that time for me......time to paint and draw;  sew and do cross stitch;  read as many books and watch as many movies as I like;  cook and bake as much as I like;  visit with friends; and simply enjoy life's little pleasures.

Second:  I believe that we continue to grow, even after we have shed this earthly body.  But my belief is that many are confused, scared and unable to move ahead after death because they cannot reconcile what they thought would happen at death with what actually happens. (Not that I have the corner on the market of that understanding myself).  So.....through meditation, reading and simply seeking to be open,  I choose to prepare for my own death by seeking to be as open to the possibilities as I possibly can so that I have a better chance of not getting caught up in fear or in digging my heels in because it isn't unfolding as I expected it might.

Third.  I've noticed that, about once a year,  I have a great idea for a book.  Sometimes I have gone ahead and started that book.  Two have even been written in their first draft.  They are raw, but the meat is there.  Over these past two months, and idea for yet another book has come to me: one on "Eldering".   I see these ideas as gifts, and feel somewhat shamed that I have not accepted them with gratitude.  So.....I have started to write this book on "Eldering".  I hope to be able to get through the fear of failure enough to be able to complete it, edit it and get it off to be published.   I pray I can keep my resolve.

So.....that is what is going on just now, and it all feels good......and it all feels like blessing.......and I am grateful.

May We All Be Abundantly Blessed,

An Evolving Interspiritual Solitary

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I admire your thoughtfulness about your season of life very much. I'm just approaching my fifth wedding anniversary, so I'm in a quite different season, and yet I'm finding it requires a good deal of the same kind of thought.

Blessings on all your projects and gifts, especially the books!

Happy Anniversary. Yes, you surely are in a different "season" from me, but it is all fodder for the journey, er? I think every season calls for reflection so that it can be lived with intention and attention. Do enjoy this season of your life.

And....thank you for your well-wishes regarding my projects. I do hope I can overcome this fear of failure as far as writing is concerned.

Your Halloween pillows are completely amazing. Wow!!

Little pleasures are the best :-)

Thank you......thank you. I love them.

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