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Catching Up

It Is All Blessing

Dear Ones,

Finally......I'm having some luck with the Internet!  It seems we have been having one typhoon after another for weeks, though most of them have been far enough away from Olango Island that the worst we have experienced is winds and heavy rains.  It's been quite something.  I'm just grateful that there has been no damage, that the repairs on my roof have kept rain from dripping through, and the worst of it has simply been a few rough rides across the channel.  Those can be quite frightening.

All is well.  I've had a bit of a pity party over the past few weeks, but I think it is finally over, at least for now.  Sometimes I forget just how many blessings there are in my daily life.

Sophie is turning into a couch potato, and her Vet tells me that this is quite age appropriate.  She has developed what seems to be an allergy for chicken, so no more of that for her.  I know she misses it, especially when I'm eating chicken and don't share it with her....not even the bones and skin! Poor baby.   As is typical for me, I spend my days reading,  doing cross stitch,  cooking or baking, sewing, painting and dabbling in various other activities.  I've started sketching as I work on plans for a whole series of paintings on owls.  Here's a picture of my latest drawing. 


I have one I want to do on canvas, but think I will keep sketching for a while until I feel confident about taking paint to canvas.  I really like this drawing, and am wanting to do a series on watercolor paper in either pencil or watercolors.  We'll see.  In any case, I continue to enjoy piddling around with paints. A friend recently commented that if I keep this up,  my home will look like a gallery and I can start charging for people to come in to see everything.  I grinned.....I like the idea of having my artistic efforts surrounding me in every room.

My friend, Puri, called a couple of weeks ago to tell me that her husband, Eddie, had died.  When they discovered the lung cancer, it was already at stage 4.  He died within weeks of having been diagnosed.  Puri and I shared lunch yesterday.  She is running on auto pilot just now, which is quite normal.  Her heart will allow for deeper grieving when she is ready.   Eddie was the friend with whom I had had to part ways because I just got sick and tired of being told I was going to go to hell because my views were different from his.  Fundamentalists make for difficult friends unless one shares the same views with them.  Most can't seem to make room for beliefs that don't reflect their own.  Oh well........

I've been trying some new recipes.  Some have been good, a few have been terrible, but none have made it to 4 stars on my list of repeats so far.  And, I've had to take some off the list completely because of the expense involved in making them.  There was one recipe for a baked potato soup that I thought sounded wonderful.  Besides the potatoes, the recipe called for onion, bacon, sour cream and half-n-half.   It was the cost of the sour cream and half-n-half that put a halt to my making the soup.  I was shocked that an 8 ounce container of sour cream was over $5!  Does it cost that much in the States, Canada or Australia?   I never remember it being that expensive before!  But, it is imported from the States, and somebody's got to pay for all those transport and import charges.  Yikes!

Besides having problems with the Internet, I've not written in Livejournal for a while because I've not known how to respond to the feelings I've been having with regard to what has been happening on Livejournal.   Sometimes I feel like I'm a passenger on the Titanic and don't jump into one of the lifeboats because I keep hoping the damn ship will just keep floating.  And just when I'm about ready to jump,  along come a couple of my favorite contributors with lovely entries, and my hope is rekindled.  So.....for now at least.......I will just hold on and watch to see how the water is rising before making any decisions.

I've had an idea for a new on "Eldering".  I think it's a smashing idea, but I already have three books sitting on my desk waiting for editing.  Two are done, and all they need is the editing.   I don't know for sure why I drag my feet on these, but I do know that I have almost all but lost interest in them at this point.  So.....perhaps I will work on this new least for a while....and see where it takes me.

That part time job with my son has not yet materialized.  He has more work he needs to do on developing the software before I can begin doing entries.  In the meantime,  I just keep on with my daily life and try not to think too much about this job.  It's only for ten hours a week, but that extra income would sure come in handy.

Abelle continues to be a rock of tranquility in my life as she keeps my home clean and my laundry done with her quiet efficiency.  Mark, her son, continues to work outside in the yard.  This rainy season makes the grass and weeds grow so quickly that he can hardly keep up.  And, now that his father, Victor, is working for me about two days a week,  there seems to be someone here working at something just about every day during the week.  But, they go about their business, and we seem to chat only enough to be sure that we are all on the same page.  It makes for a very soothing atmosphere around here.

I still see David and Maria once or twice a week;  I visit them just before I go to the pool across the road from their shop.  I'll be going later this afternoon.  This seems to be one of the few recent days when it just may not rain.  We had rain last night, but the sun is shining this morning.  The rainy season here seems to be like that.  We get lots of rain and thunder storms at night, with days that are either overcast or sunny.  Occasionally we get rainy days when I just stay in and don't even think about leaving the house.  Today is not one of them......and I'm grateful for that.  I feel like a swim would be quite nice today. earth shattering news.  Live seems to hum (or hobble) along each day as I seek to make those days feel meaningful and full.  Sometimes it's an effort and all I want to do is either read or nap.  I've been reading books so fast that I often run out of new material.  Thanks to second hand bookstores at the malls,  I can keep myself in books to read much of the time for very little cost.  And the man who runs the used bookstore at SM Mall knows that I will be in on the first Sunday following "pay day", so he usually has a stack of books waiting for me to look over.  He knows what I like to read.......or at least what I like to read from what is available.  I read lots of books that have dragons and wizzards in them!  :o)

When I am in a good space, I do see all the blessings that are in my life, and I am grateful.  May you have many blessings in your life as well.

An Evolving Interspiritual Solitary

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Your owl drawings are amazing! I think they're making my 70s sensibilities very happy ;-)

Imzy reminds me of what Livejournal was like, in the beginning. The enthusiasm I've seen over there makes my head spin and it warms my heart.

I'm glad it's autumn (almost) over here, because I've been exhausted.

I'm also happy that you have a soothing atmosphere over there.

I'm glad you like my owl paintings and drawings. I have a bunch I want to do.....some on canvas, but also several in either charcoal and/or watercolor. For some reason, 'm drawn to doing owls right now. They seem to have something to say to share their wisdom.

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